Course curriculum

  • 1

    Why Email Verification Is Important

    • Welcome!

    • Why You Want to Have A Clean List

  • 2

    Learn How To Verify Emails

    • Getting Started

    • Installing Email Verification in Wordpress

    • Third Party Field Validation

    • Email Optin Configuration

    • Check Your Work

  • 3

    Survey + Bonus Materials

    • Survey

    • BONUS: Verify Emails On A Squarespace Site

    • BONUS: Styling Forms

    • BONUS: Alternative Email Verification Tools

Who can benefit from taking this course?

My goal is to empower small business owners and entrepreneurs who are tackling marketing on their own feel confident with the marketing materials they put out. This course is for any DIY marketer but is also great for designers and beginner web developers. If you own a business or you work in marketing and want to make sure your email distribution list has valid email addresses, this course may benefit you.
Marketing Entrepreneur

What tools will be featured in this course?

In this course, I show you how to implement an email validation tool into a WordPress website connected to a Mailchimp audience. While these are the platforms I am featuring, the email validation tool can be implemented into several web and email platforms.
Working On Computer